Why Messaging

Messaging is today's most effective channel.

Because messages are short and to the point. Customer information is complete. Communication around details is very simple. Often times there is no need for instant reply. Leading the customer back to the app using push notifcations is simple. Lightning speed adoption of the channel by customers. Completely customizable to your styling preferences.


Parley compared to consumer messaging solutions

Communication channels like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger were not created for business to consumer use. Using these channels pose far reaching risks in the areas of information security, privacy and compliance.

With Parley you can offer messaging directly from (secure parts of) your website or mobile app. All the technology goes right into your own solution, making Parley into a super secure and reliable messaging solution. And you can style and brand Parley any way you like. Customers will never know you are using Parley!

Messaging Features E-mail Live chat WhatsApp parley
Interactive communication
Personal form of contact
Customer is automatically identified before the interaction starts
Customer has complete insight into communication history
Push notifications to restart communication
100% Secure - own data own servers
Secure authentication of customer behind firewall
Communication history synchronized between web, Android and iOS app

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