• 29 June 2018

A strategic deployment of messaging for a more effective customer service

Knab, Knab, you've probably heard of that. A young bank, but with more than 175,000 customers already very well known in the Netherlands. Last year Knab chose to implement the messaging from Parley. What does this bring them? Reduction in phone calls and mail and a high customer satisfaction.

What is Knab

Knab was founded in 2012 with the most important foundation,the K of Klant (Customer in Dutch)comes first! High customer satisfaction is their most important goal. The bank is fully online and focuses on private individuals, freelancers and small businesses. Although the bank is completely online, they find it important to be personal. They give their clients a good insight into the financial situation and remove complexity and frustration. They do this through a combination of the best people and the smartest techniques.

Parley Messaging in the app of Knab

Helping more customers with the same team size

Not so long ago, we had to go to the bank office to arrange our banking affairs. Soon that changed and we were also able to arrange our banking affairs by phone. With Knab you can manage it all via the app. Request products, make changes, but also contact customer service. Knab wanted to work more efficiently and help more customers with the same team size. This resulted in the strategic choice to deploy messaging.

An immediatie answer to substantive questions

Customers can easily get in touch with the bank via messenger in the Knab app. This results in reduction in e-mails and phone calls. This makes the customer services 3 times more effective. With messaging a service desk employee can help more customers at the same time, but also better. A customer gets in contact via the app and is already logged in. The employee immediately sees all information from a customer and therefore knows exactly who is asking the question. This way a customer immediately gets the right answer to a substantive question. The conversation does not have to be active constantly. The customer can close the conversation and receives a notification as soon as the employee has responded. Wondering how this works exactly? Watch the video below!

The most secure communication channel

Parley is Knab's most secure communication channel. All confidential information can be shared over the secure messaging connection. The customer does not need to switch channels to identify himself.

This case is one of many ways to implement our secure messaging solution. Curious about how Parley can be implemented within your company and what this can yield?Get in touch with us, we are happy to tell you more!